Jakarta (Indonesia) has announced the launch of a Mobility-as-a-Service project

04/05/2021 cities-today.com
The MaaS platform will cover mobility across the Greater Jakarta region

The new MaaS platform is expected to have over one million active users and to facilitate several million monthly trips.

For Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, a consortium comprised of Thales, Lyko, Jatelindo, and Aino will implement a mobility solution based on the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) scheme.

The contract was awarded by JakLingko Indonesia, which was formed in 2020 between public transport operators in the Greater Jakarta region to integrate fares and intermodal payments.

The MaaS platform will serve the 30 million people who live in the region. It is anticipated that it will have over one million active users and allow for several million monthly trips.

Jatelindo is backed by Grab, the micro-mobility company that recently announced plans to list on the Nasdaq.

Lyko will provide the technology and API platform to connect the MaaS user interface to more than 2,000 transport operators’ distribution systems, as well as its intermodal trip planning algorithms.

Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi (Jatelindo) is a national electronic payment provider, while Aino Indonesia is a payment processing company with experience in BRT, tolling, and parking.

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